10.1-inch tablet computer using a TFT LCD screen

10.1-inch tablet computer using a TFT LCD screen

GEI LCD’s TFT (thin film transistor) displays are perfect for today’s most modern applications. Bright, dynamic colors remain crisp even during fast animations and and the most intense video files. TFTs also provide the excellent contrast and definition to make even complex text appear crisp and easily readable.

Any product requiring a detailed user interface will be well-suited for a TFT. While they are most commonly seen in consumer electronics such as mobile devices, a TFT is also well suited for an industrial environment.

A TFT module divides its pixels into sub-pixels. The sub-pixels then produce the levels of red, green, and blue to give the proper color mixture. This allows a TFT to provide an extremely accurate picture with its ability to render 16.7 million different colors.

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